Our Story

Our (Ranch) Story

We love ranch. Like seriously, we LOVE RANCH! Like many Midwesterner's, ranch dressing was a food staple in our household. However, in 2009, we adopted a vegan lifestyle and found that the vegan ranch alternatives just didn't taste the same as the  not-so-kind-to-animals ranch that we were grew up eating. There had to be a way to create that classic, creamy ranch taste with a dairy-free and egg-free recipe, so we went to work in the kitchen. After several years of R&D, we developed a recipe that was better in every way than any store bought ranch. Our ranch was not only better for you, but it contained no dairy, eggs, or gluten!

In late-2019, we decided to see what the public thought of our ranch by introducing it to 3,500 vegans, vegetarians, meat-eaters, kids, grandma's and everyone in between at the Colorado Springs Holiday Vegan Market. Equipped with a ranch fountain for samples (yes, a fountain flowing with ranch!) and about 550 packets and bottles to sell, we crossed our fingers that the world would like our ranch. To our amazement, we sold-out in 4 hours and received nothing but wonderful feedback! In fact, one market go'er who stopped by for a sample even said that our ranch was "seriously, the best ranch in the world"... and thus, The World's Best Ranch was born. 

We are now on a mission to share The World's Best Ranch with everyone. Join us as we start a #ranchmovement to turn the world of ranch upside down in the most tasty way possible!

- Jessica & Aaron Lifford